A Premier Planned Business and Industrial Park


  • Cedar Port has the ability to design, permit, construct, fund, operate, and maintain wastewater treatment facilities to suit major users’ needs
  • The industrial park has existing permitted wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) capacity of 960,000 GPD, of which only 240,000 GPD is constructed. The park will add capacity up to the permitted 960,000 GPD on an as needed basis. Doubling current capacity to 480,000 GPD can be completed within 8 months. The existing WWTP (240,000 GPD) operates at 30% capacity and is used solely for sanitary sewer needs fed by wastewater lines ranging from 4-24” in diameter.
  • A wastewater treatment plant is planned for the eastside of the industrial park near FM 2354. If a project is developed on the eastside this plant can be installed.

Industrial Wastewater

  • Depending on the industrial wastewater profile, either a dedicated WWTP will need to be constructed to handle wastewater needs and a TPDES permit from the TCEQ be obtained for discharge of treated water to a nearby waterway within/adjacent to the park, or the wastewater will be pretreated per federal regulations and discharged to the industrial park WWTP
  • Permitting options and discharge locations are readily available for the potential scenarios above

Solid Waste

  • Waste Management Baytown Landfill (non-hazardous) is located adjacent to the industrial park near Cedar Bayou at the intersection of FM 2354 and FM 1405