A Premier Planned Business and Industrial Park

  • A new master-planned highway, Cedar Port Parkway, is currently under construction. Cedar Port Parkway will have five total lanes, two in each direction and one turning lane, and will span from the intersection of Highway 99 and Fisher Road to Highway 1405 and South Road. The initial phase of development is permitted and construction began 4th Quarter 2017. Cedar Port Parkway will be TxDOT approved and heavy haul rated.
  • Four roads have access into the industrial park: SH 99 (Grand Parkway), FM 1405, FM 2354, and Fisher Road. Highway 99 runs north to I-10 and west to Highway 225, Highway 59, and I-45. Fisher Road continues east, where Highway 99 turns north and intersects with FM 2354 on the eastern boundary of the property. FM 1405 crosses Highway 99 via a controlled intersection and runs north towards the City of Baytown.
  • Heavy haul corridor within the park allows permitted vehicles to transport overweight commodities.
  • Overpasses along Highway 99, at the intersection of FM 1405 and Fisher Road, have been approved and funded as part of the third interstate ring around the Houston region. Included in the plan is the widening of the Cedar Bayou Bridge on the western boundary of the property. The bridge widening is now complete and overpasses are currently under construction. The third interstate loop is scheduled for completion by 2023.